Tips by Design Pro Sara Eizen

Mantle Art Company is pleased to work with design pro’s like Sara Eizen. Sara collaborates with us on the latest trends and ideas so that we can curate the best selection of modern framing materials for you. On occasion we share the latest and greatest tips from our pro’s. Below are Sara's tips for What To Do With Kids' Art. By Curtis Cartier.


Interior Designer Sara Eizen On What To Do With Kids' Art

Current U.S. labor laws may prevent children from mining coal or sewing high-tops, but when it comes to producing art for their parents' homes, the sweatshop is still wide open. That's why home-art whiz Sara Eizen, the founder of the Seattle's award-winning affordable-interior-design company Nest, advises parents with empty walls to utilize their kids' elementary-school artistic output whenever possible.

"Whenever a client asks what I suggest to do with all the blank walls in their house when they can't afford to buy art, I tell them they already have access to the best art -- their kid's art!" She writes to us. "I love showing, displaying, and accessorizing with kid's art, and even if you want to it framed you don't need to spend a lot of money.”

A few of Eizen's favorite ways to showcase children's art include the Lillian Vernon "Wall Art Gallery," which is a hinged frame that costs $39.99 and holds up to 30 masterpieces that can be periodically swapped out. IKEA's Dignitet Curtain Wire is not necessarily made for showing art, but it accomplishes the job quite effectively when combined with a few cheap clips that allow parents to string up sketches from one end of a room to another.

Another tip from Eizen is to use a sheet of magnetic sheet metal, a frame and some paint to take the refrigerator-art concept and blow it up on a macro level. Additionally, clipboards and bulletin boards can go from everyday items to "fun and inexpensive ideas (that) can have so many other uses in addition to displaying kid's art."

For parents looking for a more professional look in creating kid-themed rooms, Eizen recommends artists Scott Ward, Eli Halpin, Antonio Press and Laura Van Horne.

Eizen also touts Mantle Art, which, of course, we're partial to.

"Once you have kids running any kind of errand can be a hassle, so anything that can help eliminate that is a good thing," Eizen writes. "If your stack of unframed artwork is growing larger and sitting longer than Mantle Art is just the answer.  From the comfort of your home, even your sofa, with a few simple clicks on your phone you can place an order to have a piece of art framed."



Sara Eizen is an interior designer & organizer with a passion for helping busy moms reclaim style and space in their homes on any budget. She delivers creative, affordable design, home organizing, and color consultation services and tips through Nest, her Seattle-based consulting business, and on her blog at

She often appears in local and national media and contributes to notable design publications including Home Organizing & Closet Makeovers: A Sunset Design Guide, InStyle magazine, and Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine.